February 2, 2011


GVO Web Hosting is heating up!

Hi Everyone

Way to go GVO Web Hosting is on fire again, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Way to go! Now that we have a contest coming, things will really EXPLODE..

Here is how the contest will run. It will be based totally on a points system

>> X amount of points for an opt in
>> X amount of points for a signup

>> X amount of points for a blog post
>> X amount of points for a tweet
>> X amount of points for a facebook mention

Etc, etc..

So you can see that it will be a fair game, you don't have to have a huge list if you are willing to put some elbow grease into the contest :D

I do not have the exact dates, as we are still setting up the back end but I can tell you we will have alot of great prizes once again with the grand prize to be announced :D Things like ipad, ipods, TV's etc.

If you have any questions at all about the contest please feel free to post them here on my blog

Have a tremendous day everyone, and thank you so much for everything you do!

--Joel Therien
Founder and CEO
GVO Companies

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