We are going to switch to our GVO debit card for all commission payments!

Mon, Nov 15, 2010

Business Development

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Hi Everyone,

Arrgh... Paypal froze our account again, even though we were white listed to do business with them, so PLEASE if you are owed commissions, from this point on we are going to use the Payoneer / GVO debit card to pay you all your commissions. We can't use check, because we have been frauded that way a few times (people change the amount on the check, known as a check wash) , and we can't use paypal because one minute they say we are white listed and good to go, the next minute they freeze us... very annoying for you and us.

Please watch the blog video for all the details on how to get paid from this point on :D

On a more positive note...

We had a record size call on Saturday, 570 in our english room, 130 in our spanish room, and about the same on our Portuguese and German calls (on the German and Portuguese I can not verify the actual numbers because I did not attend)

Anyway, we had almost 900 people watching us LIVE on Saturday alone. That leads me into your tip for the day (also on the video on the blog)

If you are going to make claims about your product of service, be 100% sure that you can back up your claims with "social proof". In today's web 2.0 world and social networking you can not embellish about your accomplishments or people will see "right through you" very quickly..

Bottom line... Just be honest about your accomplishments online. Remember, I started in my basement in a 800 sq foot town house, and by being honest, was able to build it up to a multi million dollar company. YOU can do the same... just be honest :D

If you are just starting out, borrow credibility from us or another reliable source.

Hey please try to be on all our Saturday calls if you can, I need your help with "social proof" that we can pack house! Without you folks I could not do it, so thank you for being such an amazing part of the GVO team and family!

You guys ROCK!!

--Joel Therien
Founder and CEO
GVO Companies

P.S. If you have any questions about commissions, or you were on Saturday's live broadcast, post your comments below, I want to hear about it. I am listening!!



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